Leadership Ministry

Teaching You To Become A Good Steward


“I can plod.” The man who said those words was William Carey (1761-1834). Perhaps you recognize the name? He is remembered as the father of modern missions, a man who by God’s grace pioneered an awakening in the country of India. He faced severe obstacles and devastating setbacks, yet his ministry was used mightily by God. And he could plod. But is plodding—honorable as it sounds—really what we ought to be doing for God? Is it not more honorable to engage in bold advances for the Kingdom? Shouldn’t we pray for miracles and expect God to do great things? Why plod? Shouldn’t we expect great things from God? Shouldn’t we do something more than just plod?

William Carey was obviously a courageous missionary, and by all accounts, a success. But lest we adopt his plodding mantra without careful thought, let’s think about some of the negative ramifications of plodding.

We are proud to have Godly men serving on our deacon board. Our current deacons are Chad Butler, Randall Johnson, Tommy Hardee, Terry Carter, Kirk Johnson, David Johnson, and Andy Kirton.

Nominating Committee

The pastor cannot do everything; therefore, God calls others to work in different areas of the church to help it minister effectively and efficiently. To help find the right people, we are blessed to have our nominating committee. Current members are Renee Hyman, Rhonda Hyman, Shonda Kirton, Terry Carter and Maurice Jackson.